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MRI Universal Cart


  • MRI SAFE Non-Magnetic Multi-purpose Universal cart for MRI rooms.


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MRI Cart


  • MRI conditional cart for MRI and multi-purpose use.
  • The


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Non-Ferromagnetic MRI Wheelchair


  • Non-ferromagnetic wheelchair for MRI rooms is made up of


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“Entry System
FerrAlert™ HALO II – Ferromagnetic Detector complies with …

$26,100.00 $20,748.00

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Exclusive Products

SAMM Accessories

SAMM Accessories have become a key part of the scanning process in any MRI suite by bringing a second set of eyes to any MRI rooms. SAMM System allows a technologist to easily monitor the MRI patient while inside the magnet. On the other hand, SAMM MD which is a patent pending system of high definition cameras paired with motion detecting and monitoring software for patients and the MRI environmental allows Techniciansto quickly set the patient profile, assign hotspots to multiple cameras, and start monitoring with ease.

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Magnet Watch

The Magnet Watch allows you to continuously monitor your MRI machine with a connection through the magnet monitor, examining the health of an MR magnet cryo system directly through your internet network. The Magnet Watch can prevent helium loss or equipment failure by streamlining preventative maintenance, increasing productivity, reducing helium expenses, and allowing for quicker response time.

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MRI Stereo

MRI sound systems are designed to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for patients within an MR Suite. These MRI Conditional Accessories reduce the intimidating and disturbing sound created by MRI machines. These MRI Compatible music systems can be customized and/or upgraded to fit any inpatient and outpatient facility as well as budget. The Non-magnetic MRI sound systems provide patients and technologist the comfort they need during each MRI scans.

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MRI Visor

MRI Visors mimics the relaxing, immersive experience of a movie theater, focusing a patient’s attention away from the noise environment and allowing them to relax during the MRI scan. This MRI Safe device is currently patent pending, to ensure top quality standards for patients. However, you can order your MRI Compatible Visor

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