The Revolutionary CCTV / Motion Detection Camera System

SAMM-MD is a MRI Motion Detection System that enables technologists to detect motion artifacts in real time, improving imaging quality and speed, patient throughput and facility safety. SAMM M.D. is a system of high definition MRI cameras that are RF Shielded paired with a high performance computer system. Its software is pre-installed on the computer for your convenience. This program allows your technologists to monitor each MRI patient, with the added feature of motion detection. Every patient video can be saved and organized by name and medical record number after their scan. Our device is currently patent pending, to ensure its top quality and design meets patients needs.

SAMM M.D. takes the SAMM System to a whole new level. The high resolution LCD monitor is upgraded to a touchscreen, and the SAMM M.D. software comes pre-installed on a high performance computer system. With the SAMM M.D. Software, we’ve added active motion detection through programmed hot spots, which can be customizable. Our software can be used to monitor the patient, record the patient, and notify you of any movement. When movement is detected the technician will receive auditory feedback and an on screen notification.

Recent research estimated the potential cost of motion artifacts at $115K per scanner per year.


* Console may vary from picture.


SAMM MD Includes:

  • Cameras within the imaging suite
  • Computer with motion tracking software
  • Touchscreen interface for the technologists


  • Easy to use
  • Saves time & money
  • Reduces re-scans
  • Reduces patient claustrophobia & anxiety
  • Patient can alert technologist if uncomfortable
  • Real-Time Patient Monitoring
  • Ability to monitor more than one patient
  • Layer of protection from lawsuits
  • Recorded videos make for a thorough research and training tool

SAMM MD Is Perfect For:

  • Patients
  • Site Engineers
  • CFO’s 
  • Radiology Managers

SAMM M.D. has the ability to record the bore and room whenever a patient is in the room, allows the MRI technologist to be virtually four feet away, has a quick ROI, and burns the videos to a CD/DVD. Click to learn more about SAMM M.D.

Watch an informative video about SAMM M.D.

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