The Safety & Movement Monitoring System (SAMM System) is a revolutionary MRI camera system which allows technologists to easily monitor the patient inside the magnet. Our patient observation system utilizes high definition video cameras, which can be mounted on any wall in the magnet room. The entire patient observation system is RF shielded and filtered to remove any unwanted image artifacts. The live feed from the MRI video camera system is then sent to a high resolution LCD monitor inside the operator room which delivers excellent video every time.

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Benefits of SAMM:

  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces re-scans
  • Reduces patient claustrophobia and anxiety
  • Real time patient monitoring
  • Ability to monitor multiple patients at once
  • Layer of protection from lawsuits
  • Recorded videos make for excellent training tools
  • All in a 3T friendly environment

Our SAMM System Reviews:

“The SAMM System has increased our image quality and has made the scanning process safer and more comfortable for our patients.” – Dr. Sardo, M.D.

“The SAMM System has made our scanning process much easier and more efficient.” – Dr. Lowe, M.D.

The SAMM System reduces your liability risk as well. All scans can be recorded with our DVR option, which protects your facility from potential lawsuits. Sound Imaging Inc. has already installed our upgraded DVR SAMM system on our entire fleet of mobile MRIs. The SAMM System is the way to make your scanning process more productive. This MRI camera system has already helped many other imaging facilities and their patients and comes with several options and accessories that best fit the facilities’ needs, including but not limited to:

– Live MRI Video Recording

– Dual Monitors & Multiple Cameras

– Customiazble System

– Display Mounting Options

For specs, pricing, customization, and further information, you can visit our SAMM SYSTEMS website at www.sammsystems.com

Our MRI CCTV increases image quality and makes the scanning process safer and more comfortable for your patients. Sound Imaging Inc. also sells an MRI Stereo, an MRI Sound System, an MRI Audio System, an MRI breast coil, an MRI phased array coil and an MRI gradient coil.

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