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  • Bi-Directional – Wireless 2-Way MRI Communications


    In development since 2016, Sound Imaging’s Bi-Directional MRI Wireless Communication system provides much needed MRI scan room communication freedom. The standard communication has always been between the MRI operator and patient via low quality, fixed speakers in the MRI bore

  • MRI Stereo – Advanced


    The MRI Stereo – Advanced is a non-magnetic stereo system that plays music during MRI procedures. The Advanced MRI Stereo includes a tablet with touchscreen interface.

  • MRI Stereo – Standard


    MRI Stereo, our entry-level priced Audio System includes a Compact Stereo System and a Desktop Mic that allows for tech-to-patient communication. The sound system comes equipped with a transducer that makes it easy to interface between the control room and the MRI Suite.

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